bright parking lot striping

The Welcome Mat to Your Business: Parking Lot Striping

As drivers, people often take clearly striped parking lots for granted. It’s a very comforting feeling to pull into a lot and know exactly where to go. As the first part of your business customers see, the parking lot should look fresh at all times. One low cost way to do that is with parking lot striping.

Why Invest in Fresh Parking Lot Striping?

Federal law compliance

Striping and signage are both necessary to be in compliance with federal regulations established by the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you aren’t sure if your property is in compliance with the federal law, call J&J Asphalt right away. We have years of experience making sure our clients’ parking lots meet legal regulations.

Safety of customersThe Welcome Mat to Your Business: Parking Lot Striping

Car accidents happen very frequently in parking lots. Unfortunately, they could possibly happen in your parking lot. One great way to minimize those parking lot accidents is to have clear striping and signage.

Directional signs on the asphalt paving are especially effective in minimizing confusion and accidents. Having spaces, arrows, and curbs clearly marked plays a big part in minimizing accidents. It also limits likelihood of damage to your property and potential liability.

Fresh, inviting aesthetic

Customers will be immediately put off when they pull into a bumpy parking lot with faded stripes and signs. Even if only in the back of their minds, they will immediately feel less safe and secure than they like. A smooth, brightly lined parking lot makes your business seem professional, dependable, and safe right away.

Freshen Up Your Parking Lot with J&J Asphalt

Give your parking lot an affordable makeover with some new striping and signage. Contact us at J&J Asphalt and schedule a time for us to take a look at the current condition of your lot. It is a simple improvement that every single customer will notice right away.