Asphalt Sealing & Parking Lot Sealcoating

Those pebbles and that pale gray surface are speaking volumes – saying that the asphalt paving is disintegrating. Moisture, ultraviolet oxidation and man-made contaminants break down the bonding qualities of asphalt. Unsightly cracks and hazardous potholes only accelerate the damage done by the elements. Left unchecked, the only remedy is costly removal and replacement of the damaged asphalt pavement.

Asphalt Sealing & Parking Lot Sealcoating

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A commercial parking lot, public schoolyard or residential driveway is a huge investment. Sealcoating beautifies and protects valuable property from the destructive effects of ultraviolet rays, weather, erosion and contaminants. J&J uses OverKote Asphalt Pavement Coating to extend the life of commercial, public and private asphalt pavement, protect it against punishing conditions and leave it looking exceptional.

– Extends the Life of Asphalt Pavement

– Improves Asphalt’s Appearance

– Reduces Maintenance Costs

An OverKote seal coat application protects your investment and saves money through avoidance of costly asphalt removal and replacement. As an added benefit, sealcoating with OverKote enhances the look of your parking lot, schoolyard or driveway with a rich, black color that makes pavement look and wear like new. For commercial property owners and managers, it’s the quickest way to attract new tenants and maintain the value of the property. The before-and-after pictures speak for themselves.

Unbeatable Warranties
J&J provides unbeatable backing with every seal coat project:

The Unbeatable J&J FIVE-YEAR Warranty
OverKote Seal with J-Bond establishes a new standard of asphalt preservation and longevity. J-Bond blends fine aggregate material and high-performance synthetic compounds to add protective qualities on top of OverKote’s already exceptional performance. Applied with a precise spray application, OverKote with J-Bond offers customers so much protection, that it comes with the unbeatable J&J FIVE-YEAR Warranty.

J&J’s Premium TWO-YEAR Warranty
OverKote Seal is a premium-grade seal coat application, traditionally applied with a squeegee. This technique offers a liberal amount of OverKote Seal protection. We place so much confidence in our premium OverKote Seal, that we offer a two-year warranty. That is twice the industry standard.

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