Asphalt Crack Repair – Crack Sealant

The proper use of quality crack sealants extends the pavement lifecycle. Getting the longest life out of pavement at a minimal cost is our specialty. Preservation can cost very little and make a big difference.

Applying a superior crack sealant stops damage caused by water and prevents rapid destruction by forming a durable, waterproof bond that effectively welds pavement back together. When applied by our skilled tradesmen, crack sealant fills in, levels, and smooths the cracked surface to eliminate tripping hazards in parking lots and driveways. Crack sealants also improve the surface of roadways for a better driving experience.

We proudly use Crafco Pavement Preservation Products, because they are the best on the market. Our crack sealant shines inĀ laboratory tests, research studies and the real world time and time again. J&J only uses products that comply with – or exceed – government standards. At J&J, we pride ourselves in our work, and apply crack sealant with great skill, offering the best performance and longest life from asphalt pavement.

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Asphalt Crack Repair - Crack Sealant