Joe Wyson

Joe Wyson

Joseph A. Wyson, Owner

Joseph A. Wyson has found enjoyment in creating successful businesses. He built everything that he has and credits God, family, country and hard work. Beginning with a small odd-jobs start-up, Wyson has parlayed a one-man show into a family of companies, employing more than 100 team members in Southern Nevada. His tenacious spirit for making big things happen—and his smile—are infectious. The people who work for Wyson share his enthusiasm and commitment. His only requirements of his team members? Work hard… And call him Joe.

Joe started J&J Enterprises in 1981 by cleaning parking lots. He built his first sweeper in the driveway in front of his house. Joe hired an operator for the sweeper, freeing him up to serve his customers and find more work. He built three more sweepers and hired additional help. Soon, he was striping parking lots and putting down speed bumps for his customers. Today, J&J Enterprises is the largest asphalt maintenance company in Nevada, generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue annually.

An avid sportsman, Wyson established Discount Firearms and Ammo in 2010, a Las Vegas-based reseller of firearms and accessories, indoor shooting facility and training center. Servicing a population of 2 million residents and 39 million annual visitors, Discount Firearms and Ammo is the largest firearms retailer in Nevada. It is known for its immense firearms selection, exceptional customer service and its popular attraction, The Vegas Machine Gun Experience. Joe loves business and continues to invest in other businesses that inspire him.

Born in Inglewood, Calif., Joe has resided in Las Vegas for 40 years. He married Jana Nielsen. The couple is active in their church and community, quietly donating millions of dollars and countless hours of their time to strengthening their community and their nation. They have nine children and eleven grandchildren.