Bathing in Concrete

We’ve shared some of our favorite interior design ideas done with concrete, and in our search, a few incredible concrete bathtubs really caught our eye. The strength and solidity of concrete used to create the soothing atmosphere of a luxurious bath or bathroom forms the most beautiful juxtaposition you could imagine.

Bathing in Concrete: Luxurious Concrete Bathtubs

Circular concrete tub

This strong circular tub would be perfect when filled with bubbles. The concrete used to create the surface of the floor seems to just lift out of the ground and up to create the walls of this bath tub. It may be cool on your feet, but the concrete will warm up quickly once the tub is filled with water.

Bathing in Concrete

Stone steps

This room seems to be waterproofed all around to accommodate this bath/shower combo. Step into this tub, and look out while you relax. A bathtub with a view:

Bathing in Concrete

Floor-level tub

Slip right into the tub that is flush with the concrete floor. This grotto-style room surrounds you with different types of concrete and rock surfaces. You’ll slip into this bath tub and watch the water rise all the way up to floor level.

Bathing in Concrete

Curved stand alone

This soft, curved tub has been smoothed and shined to make you feel snug while you get squeaky clean. With the wooden cross-bath table, you have the perfect spot for your loofa, candles, books, and whatever else you consider necessary for a good bath.

Bathing in Concrete

Let J&J Asphalt Create Your Innovative Concrete Ideas

We specialize in the rugged, messy side of concrete and asphalt involving paving, grading, and sealcoating. However, we would love to hear your creative ideas you have for our concrete.
Contact J&J Asphalt to see how we can help with your project. Whether it is a new bathtub or an entirely waterproofed bathroom, we would love to work with you to make your dream come true. Slipping into a concrete bathtub seems pretty irresistible right now.