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How to Prepare for Paving

Seeing a freshly paved surface can be so soothing and promising. A fresh start for a business or homeowner. However, what lies beneath that smooth top layer is what really decides if the new surface has lasting promise. Every well-paved surface is standing on layers of hard work, preparation, and expert grading below. Find out how to prepare for paving.

How We Prepare for Paving a New Surface

GradingHow to Prepare for Paving

The subgrade is the foundation of a paved surface. The first step to form a solid foundation is grading. It is the process of leveling the material in the foundation to achieve proper elevations before asphalt paving occurs. Improper grading leads to bumps, sliding, and flooding.

When grading, paving companies have to keep in mind far more than just creating a smooth driving and walking surface. If the surface doesn’t have a very slight tilt toward a drainage system of some sort, rainwater will cause serious problems in the future.


After being properly graded, the foundation must be smoothed and compacted. A uniformly compacted surface makes the best foundation for new asphalt. Top layers of pavement will shift and crack if they are laid onto a loose foundation.

Prime coating

Although there are a lot of tedious steps between compacting and prime coating, it is the next exciting step. Prime coating is placed on the prepared foundation before the final layers of asphalt are applied. It reduces the possibility of slip between the asphalt and the foundation.

Under traffic, the prime coating is integral in holding the surface together. Without it, slipping between the layers is much more likely under traffic. Foundation layers are also vulnerable to weather damage. Applied 24–48 hours before paving, prime coating helps prevent weather damage.

Need Help Filling in the Blanks Left in These Instructions?

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