road with new asphalt overlaying

Ways You Can Benefit from Asphalt Overlaying

When your asphalt surface needs repair, but you aren’t ready to commit to a complete re-pavement, asphalt overlaying is perfect. Asphalt overlaying is a quick improvement that can be made to a property to attract new business or just make the current owners and clients more comfortable.

How Does Asphalt Overlaying Work?

The overlaying process starts with placing a fabric application to the existing, damaged asphalt surface. After the fabric is applied, a new, thin layer of asphalt is laid. The high-strength fabric bonds the new asphalt layer to the original, damaged surface.

Asphalt overlay benefits are similar to getting completely new pavement. However, the results won’t last as long. Eventually, cracking in the existing surface will be reflected through the new overlay over time.

Benefits of overlaying pavementWays You Can Benefit from Asphalt Overlaying

When it comes to asphalt overlay benefits, it begins with the look of the paved surface, of course. Overlays provide a smooth, dark, solid surface similar to what was there years ago when the original asphalt was applied. This work will improve the ride quality, reduce noise levels, and reduce the full life cycle costs of the surface.

Once an asphalt surface ages, it is likely to become cracked and unstable. An asphalt overlay will restore the surface’s ability to handle heavy traffic on its smooth, sealed surface. The loose stones and dust from the aged asphalt will be covered and minimized under an overlay. In addition to the improved surface, an important benefit of overlaying commercial areas is the minimized construction time. Asphalt overlays require no curing time, so traffic delays are minor.

Find Out If Your Damaged Asphalt Surface Could Use an Overlay

Contact J&J Asphalt for a free consultation. Our asphalt experts will take a look at the surface you are considering repairing or overlaying and let you know what path will be the most beneficial for your family or business.

We offer paving, sealing, sealcoating, overlays, patching, grading, and more. No matter what solution you and our team decide is best, we will get your paved surface looking its best and safely serving its purpose.