cracked asphalt

What Causes Asphalt Cracking?

Asphalt damage comes in many forms. Your asphalt can suffer from cracks, potholes, upheaval, or sink holes. All asphalt damage is a problem, but the most common problem in Las Vegas is asphalt cracking. 

Fix Asphalt Cracking before It’s Too Late

What causes asphalt cracking?

What Causes Asphalt Cracking?There are many types of road cracks, in addition to a few contributory causes of said cracking. Aside from major ground movement like an earthquake, sun and moisture are the largest causes of asphalt cracking after it is installed.

Las Vegas asphalt is at risk of cracking most likely due to sun damage. The sun heats up, dries out, and breaks down substances in the asphalt mixture. These substances keep asphalt strong and flexible. Without them, the asphalt is made weak. In addition to being weakened by the sun, asphalt can also become damaged by car and foot traffic.

Moisture also works to weaken asphalt, making it vulnerable to damage. Rain and snow wear down and infiltrate layers of the asphalt. Rain or melting snow wash away the gravel and sand that make up the base of asphalt. This breakdown causes distortion that leads to cracking.

Improper installation causes more problems than weather

The most common cause of asphalt cracking is not sun or rain or shifting in the ground. Improper installation sets your asphalt surface up to fail. Some companies use inexpensive materials to make up their asphalt mix. These materials expand and contract dramatically when temperatures change. The expansion and contraction cause cracks without any help from car and foot traffic.

Set Your Asphalt Surface Up for Success

Contact us to be sure your asphalt doesn’t suffer from cracking due to improper installation. However, if you are experiencing cracking in asphalt, we can repair it! Let our professionals improve the look and life of your investment.