Frozen asphalt with snow

The Effects of Temperature on Las Vegas Asphalt

Asphalt is made to be tough enough to withstand the wildest of weather. In most instances, it does. However, it’s the simplest part of weather that causes the most damage. Changes in the temperature of asphalt cause it to expand and contract. If the ingredients of the asphalt mix were not high quality, the expanding and contracting is exaggerated and cracks are even more likely. Let us explain the types of cracks in asphalt pavement due to extreme temperatures and what to do about it.

Asphalt Pavement Problems Due to Temperature

When asphalt gets hot:

Asphalt damage due to weather is commonly associated with cold, snowy climates. However, warmer climates like Las Vegas have their own risks associated with the asphalt temperature in sun. The original damage is asphalt cracking.

Once the asphalt is cracked, water gets into the cracks and erodes the layers beneath the surface. The deeper surfaces of the asphalt become weak and even more vulnerable to further damage. When the lower levels erode, an air gap can be formed. Once the top layer experiences the pressure of car or foot traffic, it begins to collapse and crumble, eventually forming a pothole.

When asphalt gets cold:The Effects of Temperature on Las Vegas Asphalt

A moment of silence for the asphalt in cold climates. These surfaces withstand the toughest temperature pressures. Like in warm climate areas, asphalt pavement problems include cracks due to regular traffic and moisture inside the cracks. During winter, water that has penetrated the top layer of asphalt freezes, and when it freezes, expansion occurs. This expansion causes the cracks to become even larger. Large cracks break down the asphalt further and potholes are not far behind.

Once spring arrives, the water that has gotten into the cracks, frozen, and expanded begins to melt. As the ice becomes water again, it contracts and the asphalt shifts slightly due to the lack of pressure. The shift lowers the stability of the surfaces even further. What’s more, the water begins to flow through the cracks and erodes the lower layers.

J & J Asphalt Can Help

Your Las Vegas asphalt definitely suffers from extremely high temperatures. However, it is not uncommon for our desert temperatures to drop below freezing at night during winter. We not only offer high-quality asphalt installation but also crack repair and sealing.
If the temperatures in Las Vegas have caused asphalt damage, call us and we will do what we can to correct all the damage. If you haven’t installed asphalt yet, but are looking into it, contact us to have it done right with the highest quality materials.