closeup asphalt with cracks

The Dangers of Asphalt Cracks

We’ve all seen it before: what once was a smooth, untainted surface is now a space littered with a series of cracks that appear to stretch out and connect to one another in a sort of complex labyrinth. You may think to yourself that this type of cracking is normal. Or that these cracks before you are the normal and expected results of routine wear and tear. While asphalt cracks are a common sight for most, it’s hardly something that should be taken lightly given the risks involved.

What are the causes of cracks in concrete pavement?

The exact causes for cracks in concrete pavement are varied, just as asphalt pavement failure types also vary. Problems can range from the weather to simply having too much weight atop the pavement. The most common reason for asphalt pavement distress, however, is by far the penetration of water through the asphalt surface. Worst of all, once a crack forms, your pavement becomes more susceptible to further cracks.

Dangerous and Costly

While the unsightly nature of asphalt cracks is bothersome, the truth of the matter is that these cracks are both dangerous and costly for you. As asphalt pavement problems develop, they become increasingly more dangerous to drive on. More so, the longer you wait to address these asphalt cracks, the more costly it will become when you finally decide to repair them. Do yourself a favor and don’t wait for those unsightly crocodile cracks to cost you more than they should.

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