asphalt with sealcoating

Sealcoating Protects your Asphalt from Sun Damage

Sun exposure causes 90 percent of aging in humans. The same could be said for asphalt. During peak sun exposure, asphalt can reach temperatures up to 172ºF. There’s no doubt that during the summer, Las Vegas asphalt reaches that level daily.

The ultraviolet rays fuse with oxygen in asphalt and cause chemical bonds to break and weaken the asphalt surface. To protect skin from sun damage, we wear sunscreen. The asphalt version of sunscreen is sealcoating. Learn more on how to stop asphalt sun damage.

How Can Sealcoating Protect Asphalt from Sun Damage?

Sealcoating Protects your Asphalt from Sun DamageSealcoating can prevent asphalt damage and slow down its aging process. It has an anti-oxidation additive that helps protect asphalt from the elements. Protecting asphalt from sun damage prevents future cracks, potholes, and general wear-down.

In Las Vegas, the sun beats down on asphalt surfaces 292 days of the year. That will heat, dry, and break down substances in the mixture of asphalt. Without a strong mixture, the asphalt struggles to remain strong and flexible.

Without sealcoating asphalt, your surface that is exposed to the unrelenting Las Vegas sun and heat will crack. Cracks allow water to seep through to the deepest layers of asphalt. Then the water erodes the layers beneath the surface. The deeper surfaces become weak and even more vulnerable to further damage. Once the top layer is exposed, the aging process begins.

Save Your Asphalt From Aging

Contact J&J Asphalt to schedule a free sealcoating estimate. We will either be sealcoating your surface now or repaving it in the future. We’re happy to help no matter what decision you make for your asphalt surfaces.

Our team works hard during this time of year to prepare asphalt throughout Las Vegas for the difficult months of summer. Don’t wait until the effects of the hot summer months meet the effects of winter. Temperature can wreak havoc on beautiful asphalt surfaces. Let us prevent that from happening to you.