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The Paving Makeover Your Home Needs

The Paving Makeover Your Home NeedsDid you inherit some less than fabulous surfaces when you bought your home? You really lucked out! A poorly paved surface can be an eyesore and reduce the value of a home. So you got a great price, and now all you need is a paving makeover.

Choose the Asphalt Paving Makeover Your Home Needs

Asphalt resurfacing and overlaying

If your driveway is completely unbearable, resurfacing or overlaying may be the best ways to restore the curb appeal of your home. Poorly installed asphalt may need to be completely removed in order to put the new layer on a solid foundation.

As long as the current surface isn’t crumbling, but isn’t pretty, overlaying is perfect. It is a quick improvement that can be done without breaking the bank. The process is pretty fascinating. A fabric application is sandwiched between the original asphalt surface and a new layer. The fabric bonds the new layer to the original surface, and it looks great!

Asphalt sealing

Asphalt sealing is perfect for surfaces that aren’t completely disintegrating but are headed that way. If left untreated, the only repair option available with resurfacing. To avoid more costly repairs, consider asphalt sealing.

Sealcoating beautifies and protects valuable property from the destructive effects of UV rays, weather, and contaminants. Getting your driveway or any other surface sealcoated will extend the life of the surface, improve the appearance, and reduce future maintenance costs.

Asphalt patching

A driveway that isn’t falling apart, but needs some help with cracks and potholes is a perfect candidate for asphalt patching and maintenance. We will spend time repairing each crack in the surface until it looks great again!

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At J&J Asphalt, we take the work we do seriously and understand that it is for safety just as much as it is for visual appeal. Contact us to start improving the look and safety of your home today.