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What to Expect During the Las Vegas Big Squeeze

Project NEON is going to be known as Nevada’s largest—and most expensive—public construction project. The goal is to widen 3.7 miles of Interstate 15. Traffic is expected to double by 2035, meaning the project is definitely necessary. The most recent leg of the project is called The Big Squeeze.

On March 20, US Highway 95 was reduced to two lanes in each direction in one of the busiest sections of the highway. It isn’t expected to be back open to more than four total lanes until January. So here is what you need to know about the Las Vegas Big Squeeze.

Las Vegas Big Squeeze

Phase 1

Until July, all traffic on US 95 between Rancho Dr. and the Spaghetti Bowl will be shifted to the southbound lanes. There will be two lanes available for each direction of traffic. During this phase, the ramp from I-15 South to US 95 North will also be closed until May and access to Rancho from US 94 North will be closed until June.

Phase 2

Phase two of the Las Vegas Big Squeeze begins in July. From then until January 2018, all vehicles will commute in the northbound lanes of US 95. There will still only be two lanes available for each direction of traffic. In addition to the squeeze, this phase will include the closing of the connection from US 95 North to I-15 North.

Practice the zipper merge

NDOT officials want commuters to remember one important things about merging into traffic. These officials are strongly encouraging drivers to practice the zipper merge. Rather than merging as soon as they find out their lane is closing, drivers should wait until they reach the point where lanes actually converge. Once there, cars should alternate turns entering the one available lane.

Early merging leaves an entire strip of pavement unoccupied. During the Big Squeeze, commuters will want to use every bit of space available.

It Isn’t All Bad News

Although this is a long time to reduce traffic in one of the busiest areas in the state, once Project NEON is complete, the Spaghetti Bowl won’t be nearly as treacherous as it has been in recent years. Commuters will be breezing through the area on smooth, well-installed asphalt this time next year.

As long as the best practices of the asphalt industry have been applied to the project, the city of Las Vegas is in for years of smooth driving. If you’d like to give your own asphalt surface an update to match the city, contact J&J Asphalt. It is clear, now is the time for an update!